The Triumphant Return of Amsted Butterfly

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1. A Clear Ascension
2. Ramstetter's Revenge
3. Gaby Never Knows

4. In the Trials

5. Lancelot of Sorts
6. Struggles of the New Cement
7. Joselyn
8. Vogelsong
9. And the Life
10. A Collector's Case
11. Arrival on Shaw
12. Grandpa's China Girl
13. In Bottles and Leaves
14. Appease the Apologists
15. This is a Triangle


Released December 1998

Dan Kennedy - Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet
Pat Kennedy - Vocals, Guitar
Jamie McGoldrick - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Organ
Brian White - Drums and Percussion

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by The Signal
Recorded and mixed at High Risk Recording, San Francisco, California
Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Rocket Lab San Francisco, California
Artwork by Tom Swick












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