Monticello Compromise

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1. Sells Last Stance
2. Depart Delot
3. She Sailed On

4. ucb
5. Rose's Tiny Hands
6. Truckin' Thin Everything
7. Breakaway
8. The Curse of the Big L
9. Shangri-La, Move On
10. Stru Tural
11. One Fell End
12. The Unfortunate Reality of
Esther K.

13. AC and the E
14. Vampire Kids
15. A Vague Correspondence
16. Enjoy Your Dream, Kid
17. Karats for Janus
18. Past the Gates
19. Thirsty Streaks
20. The V Signal
21. No Sun In Today
22. Trekked
23. Second String

Released March 1997

Dan Kennedy - Vocals, Guitar
Pat Kennedy - Vocals, Guitar
Jamie McGoldrick - Bass, Drums

Except: Drums on tracks 11, 13, 15 and bass on 21 by Dan Kennedy
Guitars on tracks 6 and 10 by Jamie McGoldrick and Pat Kennedy
Drums on track 20 by accident
Katherine Blum sings on Sells Last Stance
Katie Kennedy sings on AC and the E
Julian Wixson plays violin on The V Signal

Recorded, Produced, Written and Mixed by The Signal
Recorded and mixed in our basement









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