San Francisco Bay Guardian
April 7, 1999
Eight Days A Week
by Robin Lapid

Someone's gotta pick up the slack in that effusively named "slacker rock" genre, and Stru Tural (named for a broken warehouse sign) aim to do that right in your own backyard. Their critically acclaimed debut album, Monticello Compromise, bore witness to some Pavement-esque rock vibes replete with a droll, slacker vocal that's so Malkmusian in tone it's almost scary; think of the quieter, looser pop moments of Crooked Rain or the most recent Silver Jews effort, add the occasional hand clap and jangly guitar, and you're pretty darn close. Stru Tural's newest album, The Triumphant Return of Amsted Butterfly, is a denser piece of work, with some complementary guitar-and-vocal trade-offs from brothers Dan and Pat Kennedy. For a good Wednesday out it's worth a hop on your skateboard for a listen.






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