May 14, 1999
by Mae Hemm

Back in the days of yore, before I was dubbed Mae Hemm by the machine, I would often appear formally as my alter ego to preside over civic events. One such event was a certain Battle of the Bands series taking place weekly at Mick's Lounge. All the beer I could drink and a lot of local bands to encourage my reckless behavior. One evening, I recall seeing the band Stru Tural and recognizing the name immediately from a sign that'd lost its letter "C" on Harrison St. (Factoid: The sign now reads U TUAL. Should the band change their name?) Back then, Stru Tural roped me in with the stunning epiphany that they could sound like Nirvana, they could actually do that - I cringe to say it - grunge thing, without getting on my nerves for trying to sound like Nirvana. They might not have had a lot of texture or style, but they won my vote that night about five years ago. Flash forward to their third full-length release "The Triumphant Return of Amsted Butterfly" which came out early this year. My young friends have blossomed beautifully! Almost like...a butterfly! A gorgeous Stephen Malkmus butterfly who rambled out of a Superchunk cocoon and took off for Slint's "Spiderland." I listened to the record three times today, and it truly is a great local achievement. A multifaceted album instead of a bunch of disparate songs. Go see them at the
Last Day Saloon. Cal Hallow opens



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